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Don Hicky, Donald Willis, Michael Don, D. Willis, Daniki, Danikie, Danki, Don Icky, Donicky, Donneekie, Donyki

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Singles by Doniki & Anthony B

Singles by Doniki & Jah Mason

Singles by Doniki & John Mouse

Singles by Doniki & OS

Singles by Doniki & Ricky Chaplin

Singles by Doniki & Terrific

Singles by Doniki & Wilks

Albums by Doniki

Albums by Doniki & Steady Ranks


  1. Mr. Doniki, hello and greetings to you man. It is great to see you have a site where you can showcase some of your cuts throughout your career.

    I am a huge fan since the 90’s of your music and your deliverence of your voice of those tracks are pure clarity and calm. I salute you, Steady Ranks and all the works you have done and continue to do.

    One question I want to know if you and Steady Ranks ever cut a record on the PLEASE BE TRUE RIDDIM under Richard Bell’s star trail label back in 1994-5. The riddim had other songs such as Everton Blender’s “Bob Marley” and Anthony Blair’s “Hurt The Heart”. I am searching for this since I know myself.

    Holla when you have the time.

    Blessings and respect!

  2. blessings everytime. give thanks for the great comment i really apreciate it. the tune name: them shame. have to find it back myself

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